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elusive_frodo's Journal

"Frodo Baggins"
17 February
Middle Earth
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(ooc note: This character only thinks they're Frodo Baggins. They're not. They just think they are. I figured that would be a lot of fun to play, esp with character reactions. Don't take this journal too seriously -- it's obvious that it doesn't take itself seriously. Just have fun.

He doens't have the one ring either. So don't get mad about that. :D)

I'm Frodo Baggins! Yup, that's right. The very famous very cool very heartworthy Frodo Baggins!!Can you believe you're meeting me? I can't believe you're meeting me either!!

I'm supposed to take the one ring to its final destination and all that shit, but I keep getting distracted along the way...

...That was then, and this is now!! I've grown so much o.O; My One Ring has become a maia named Onion(god knows where the name came from). My crushhas become...my fiance!! And we have two bouncing babies. I'm also a member of a band!!!!

I also can't believe how innocently ignorant I used to be of things...((and he still is about 95% the same way.^_~ denial!.))